Friday, February 24, 2017

"Karera ga honki de amu toki wa" participates in the 67th Berlin International Film Festival

The new movie "Karera ga honki de amu toki wa" was featured in the 67th Berlin International Film Festival held during 9th to 19th February which was attended by the director Ogigami Naoko and cast members Ikuta Toma, Kiritani Kenta and Kakihara Rinka. After the screening of the movie on 15 February, the 800-strong audience gave a 8-minute-long standing ovation to the director and cast.

Ikuta plays the role of 32-year-old Rinko who has been troubled since young due to gender dysphoria. Despite being born as a boy, Rinko has always felt that he should be a girl and later underwent a sex change surgery to become a woman. Nonetheless, despite Rinko's physical appearance, she is still listed as a man on her family register and works as a carer at an old folks' home. Rinko lives with her lover Makio played by Kiritani Kenta and his niece Tomo (Kakihara Rinka) who was abandoned by her mother and she showers Tomo with love as if she is her real mother.

Before the screening, Ikuta greeted the audience in English and expressed his joy at being able to take part in the film festival for the first time. When it came to Kiritani's turn, he threw flying kisses to the audience first before speaking to the audience in Japanese.

Source: Oricon

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