Thursday, February 09, 2017

"Ai no Mukidashi" to be shown as a drama series via J:COM On Demand & J:COM Premiere Channel

The 2008 movie "Ai no Mukidashi" directed by Sono Sion and starring AAA's Nishijima Takahiro and Mitsushima Hikari will be shown as a drama series via J:COM On Demand and J:COM Premiere Channel from February 2017. The drama series includes the original movie itself which was well-known then for its length of 237 minutes plus more than an hour's worth of original scenes which were not used in the film at that time. The sound effects and music used will be reproduced for the drama version. Director Sion expressed his joy at being able to see his movie come back as a drama after 8 years and is looking forward to seeing it which feels as good as new even now. The movie won awards in the 59th Berlin International Film Festival and the International Federation of Film Critics Award. Nishijima and Mitsushima won the newcomer awards in the 64th Mainichi Eiga Concour and Sponichi Grand Prix respectively while he also picked up the newcomer award in the 83rd Kinema Junpo Best Ten and she was crowned best supporting actress.

The movie focuses on the lead character Yuu (Nishijima) who was born and raised in a Christian family with his strict father Tetsu (Watabe Atsuro) who is a priest. While trying to "create sins" which he can repent for with the "encouragement" of Tetsu, Yuu becomes an expert at taking photos of women's nether region. One day, Yuu happens to meet Youko (Mitsushima) who is pestered by hooligans and falls in love with her at first sight because he sees her as the Maria who he has been seeking all this while. Although Youko also falls for Yuu who dresses up as a woman Sasori in front of her, they are aghast to find that Youko's mother Kaori has married Tetsu so they have become step-siblings overnight. Just then, the family becomes the target of a new religious group Zero Kyoukai where the leader's right-hand woman Koike (Ando Sakura) brainwashes everyone except Yuu who tries to fight against the group and save his family. Co-stars in this movie also included Itao Itsuji, Fukami Motoki, Fukikoshi Mitsuru, Ayano Go and Matsuoka Mayu.

The 10-episode drama series where each episode lasts 30 minutes will be shown in 4K format on J:COM On Demand from 1 February and on J:COM Premiere Channel from 4 February.

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