Saturday, February 11, 2017

Completion screening event of new movie "Sakurada Reset Zenpen"

The completion screening event of new movie "Sakurada Reset Zenpen" was held on 9 February which was attended by the director Fukagawa Yoshihiro and cast members Nomura Shuhei, Kuroshima Yuina, Taira Yuna, Kentaro, Tamashiro Tina and Tsunematsu Yuri. The movie consists of two parts where Part 1 (Zenpen) will be shown in cinemas from 25 March while Part 2 (Kouhen) will be shown from 13 May.

Nomura commented that he was nervous about having the viewers watch the movie during the event especially since they may find it difficult to understand the movie's story at times. However, if they watch it till the end, they will be able to get the answers so he hoped that they will enjoy the feeling of discovering the truth during the process. Nomura also called upon the audience not to criticise the movie for being boring on Twitter.

During the event, the cast also talked about how Nomura seemed excited all the time. Kentaro remarked that as he is someone who needs time to warm up to others, he thought that he would have to build relationships with his co-stars slowly. However, Nomura was very friendly and excited all the time and greeted him at least 5 times every morning. It was also easy to notice Nomura's presence even if he was about 50m away so this helped Kentaro to get close to Nomura very quickly. Likewise, Taira who met Nomura for the first time during the poster shooting, commented that Nomura responded to her in a rather unusual manner when she introduced herself so she learnt that there was such a way of responding to people. In response, Nomura said that everyone seemed so serious and stern initially because they were so nervous so he wanted to liven things up. Kuroshima echoed his view and said that Nomura was the moodmaker on set and helped to make the atmosphere more lively on the set. The director also revealed that Nomura is a type of actor who he has never seen in his 20-year career where the latter would actually ask him questions during the filming breaks like what does a director do. To some people, it may seem like Nomura doesn't know how to behave appropriately towards different people depending on the depth of their relationships but the director feels that this is also his charm point since he can easily get close to anyone.

Source: Oricon

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