Thursday, February 09, 2017

Kubota Masataka & Kitamura Kazuki to star in new NHK drama "Yongo Keibi"

Kubota Masataka and Kitamura Kazuki will be starring in the upcoming NHK drama series "Yongo Keibi" (No.4 Security Guard) which will begin its run from 8 April in the Saturdays 8.15pm timeslot. The drama which consists of 7 episodes, describes the lives of bodyguards who work in a private security company as they tackle various security issues facing their clients from stalkers, hatred from subordinates and colleagues and child kidnappers regardless of whether they are celebrities or ordinary people. However, as they are not the police, they do not have the power to arrest people nor have firearms in their possession. For the sake of their client, they must be on standby 24-7 and risk their lives so they are nicknamed as Yongo Keibi (No.4 Security Guard) by industry insiders.

Kubota plays the role of Asahina who works a security guard in the company Guard Keepers and is a cheerful young man boasting of great fitness. He used to be a police officer but quit due to an unknown setback thus leading him to enter the world of private security guards. One day, he is assigned to become a Yongo Keibi and told to team up with Ishimaru (Kitamura) who used to be the president of a company and is such a careful person who thinks before he acts that he is nicknamed as a coward by others now. Being totally opposites, the duo clash with each other but try to work together to protect their clients from danger. Through the course of their work, they find answers as to what it means to protect people and come to terms with their pasts.

Co-stars include Abe Junko who plays Ueno, a woman troubled over a stalker, Kataoka Tsurutaro who plays Ikeyama, the superior of Asahina and Ishimaru who paired them for a reason, Kimura Tae who plays the president of the security company as well as Hamada Mari, Takagi Wataru, Kanbe Hiroshi, Kubota Sayu and Maro Akaji. Guest stars include Mizuhashi Kenji, Speed Wagon's Ozawa Kazuhiro, Takahashi Mitsuomi and Ito Ran.

Sources: Oricon / Modelpress

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prestoli said...

Kitamura is my favorite j-drama actor so I'm looking forward to this!