Friday, February 17, 2017

Nakai Kiichi & Sasaki Kuranosuke to star in new movie "Uso Happyaku"

Nakai Kiichi and Sasaki Kuranosuke will be starring in the new comedy movie "Uso Happyaku" set in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture. The movie will be directed by Take Masaharu and written by Adachi Shin who last worked together in the movie "Hyakuen no Koi".

Nakai plays the role of an antique dealer Norio from the Kanto region who hasn't been able to get much work and meets a ceramic artist Sasuke (Sasaki) by chance. While trying to lay their hands on a legendary tea set of Rikyu, they get embroiled in a battle of wits involving their families, appraisers and the Cultural Agency.

Although Nakai and Sasaki are both in the cast of another movie "Hanaikusa" which will be shown in cinemas from 3 June, this is actually the first time that they are acting together and participating in the director's works. Nakai commented that he accepted the offer because he felt that Take is especially good at his portrayal of humans due to his experience of working up the ranks from an assistant director. In order to prepare for his role, Nakai read books regarding ancient art and antiques and hopes to make an enjoyable movie along with the director and his co-star. Likewise for Sasaki, he expressed anticipation at making an interesting movie set and called upon everyone to look out for the film.

Filming will begin at Osaka in February and the movie is scheduled to be screened in 2018.

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