Monday, February 13, 2017

Nakama Yukie to star in new TV Asahi 2-part drama SP "Soshite dare mo inakunatta"

Nakama Yukie will be starring in the new TV Asahi 2-part drama SP "Soshite dare mo inakunatta" based on Agatha Christie's 1939 work "And then there were none" which will be the first adaptation of this in Japan. The drama SP will be shown over two consecutive nights this spring. The mystery story depicts how 10 people at a hotel on an isolated island were killed one by one and the 10 bodies were discovered later.

Nakama Yukie plays the role of a former swimmer Shiramine Ryo who is a home tutor rumoured to have caused the death of her student in a swimming pool 5 years ago. She commented that she was very excited about the filming. However, it was difficult to show the fear and guilt felt by her character as the others died one after another and she had to grapple with the thought of knowing that she might be next and face up to her sin. As such, it was a brand new challenge for her in this drama SP. In addition, although she had played Sadako in the 2000 movie "Ring 0 Birthday" where she was "beaten to death" and thrown into a well, this will actually be the first time in a drama that Nakama plays a character who will be murdered.

Co-stars include Watase Tsunehiko, Tsugawa Masahiko, Yo Kimiko, Yanagiba Toshiro, Daichi Mao, Mukai Osamu and Kunimura Jun who play the guests at the hotel while Hashizume Isao and Fuji Mariko will play the butler and his wife respectively.

Sources: Nikkansports / Sanspo / Sponichi / Oricon


Santosh Iyer said...

There seems to be an extra woman and one less man. Which character does she represent ?

Chiaki said...

There isn't any discrepancy in the number of names I listed in the posted with the people featured in the photo though. May I know who you are referring to when you say one extra woman?

Santosh Iyer said...

What I meant was that in the Agatha Christie novel, of the 10 people, 7 are men and 3 women. But here we have 6 men and 4 women.

Chiaki said...

So that's what you meant? I guess they made an adjustment to the characters for some reason although this was never mentioned in the articles I came across so far.

Anonymous said...

Going by this cast listing :

I would say the Character of Dr. Armstrong here is Dr. Konami Erika, that would be the extra female character.