Thursday, October 06, 2016

Production press conference of FujiTV Autumn 2016 drama "Toge Shoushimin Kuranaga Haruyuki no Gyakushuu"

The production press conference of FujiTV / Tokai TV Autumn 2016 drama "Toge Shoushimin Kuranaga Haruyuki no Gyakushuu" was held on 6 October which was attended by cast members Tanabe Seiichi, Nishida Naomi and Kaga Takeshi. The drama which is based on the novel by Yamamoto Koushi and begins its run from 8 October in the Saturdays 11.40pm timeslot, features Tanabe as the lead character Kuranaga Haruyuki who works in the citizens' counselling department where he gets involved in many disputes and cases that results in him having a lot of pent-up stress. One day, he finally reaches breaking point and vents out his frustration, worries and stress which are the thorns in his life so as to change his situation.

When asked about what they would like to change in their lives, Tanabe said that he wants to improve on his drawing skills. Although Tanabe is well-known for his unique drawings, he hopes that everyone will praise him for being good rather than the mixed reviews now that he's getting. Tanabe was also asked to draw the change in his character from the first episode to the final one which led his co-stars to hold back their laughter as they watched him draw. Upon completion, Tanabe showed the pictures where the lead character was very small in the first episode and became so big over time that the person was about to burst out from the panel.

Tanabe revealed that he is just a nervous ordinary citizen as well so he can identify with his character. As for the outburst scenes, he tried to make sure that they were controlled and had moments of strength, weakness, speed and slowness. Despite having to cope with very long lines this time, he is filled with satisfaction about being able to take on this character while surrounded by the excellent cast and staff.

Sources: Oricon / Yomiuri Hochi

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