Monday, October 24, 2016

Couples-only screening event of new movie "Boku no tsuma to kekkon shite kudasai"

The couples-only screening event of new movie "Boku no tsuma to kekkon shite kudasai" was held on 23 October which was attended by the director Miyage Yoshishige and Oda Yuji. Nakashima Mika who sings the theme song "Forget Me Not" for the movie, made a surprise appearance at the event. The film which is due to be shown in cinemas from 5 November, features Oda in the role of a capable broadcasting writer who is diagnosed with a terminal illness and has only six months to live. In order to find a suitable remarriage partner for his wife (Yoshida Yo), he goes to great lengths to make it happen.

During the event, the audience asked Oda questions such as what advice he had to give so as to maintain a married couple's relationship. Oda said that he wants to know the answer to that as well but still commented that a couple should spend quality time having meals together without their children around so that they can sustain the feeling of romance between them. As for the question about anniversaries, Oda said that given his line of work, he tends to be unable to control his schedule when he has to work on some important days so he will try to do something to make up for it when he is free, Nakashima also chipped in to say that she doesn't mind not celebrating on the actual days so it's fine to do it all at one go like what Oda suggested. When asked about what words would make his heart flutter, Oda commented shyly that he thinks "I love you" is the best thing to say to someone of the opposite gender. However, saying this at the right timing matters a lot or else the other party will probably not think much about it. There was also a psychological test conducted during the event where Oda was assessed to be someone who likes stability in a relationship. In response to this, Oda said that he used to be called a romanticist when he was younger but now that he's older, he must have changed.

Oda also revealed that when he acted in this movie, he felt that the moment when his character was told that he was dying was already too late for him since he had to do everything he wanted to in just six months. As such, he has come to realise that he should be putting in his all for everything now. He was thankful for being able to act in this film which is like a detox session for everyone's hearts.

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