Saturday, October 29, 2016

First-day-screening event of new movie "Yu wo wakasu hodo no atsui ai"

The first-day-screening event of new movie "Yu wo wakasu hodo no atsui ai" was held at Shinjuku Wald 9 on 29 October which was attended by the director Nakano Ryota and cast members Miyazawa Rie, Odagiri Jo, Sugisaki Hana, Matsuzaka Toori and Ito Aoi. The movie which is the director's first commercial film, features Miyazawa in the lead role of Futaba who is diagnosed with terminal cancer and told that she only has two months left to live. Instead of wallowing in self pity, Futaba springs into action to prepare her daughter Azumi (Sugisaki) for the inevitable and make her become more independent. In addition, she gets her missing husband Kazuhiro (Odagiri) back after he disappeared mysteriously one year ago and they try to resurrect their family business i.e. a public bathhouse "Sachi no Yu" which had been closed all this while.

Miyazawa commented that she was rather emotional when filming this movie as her own mother had also died of cancer so she felt as if she was being put through a test by having to play Futaba. Despite the fact that this role required her to use more energy than usual, she was happy to be surrounded by her wonderful co-stars and spent a wonderful time with them. As such, she is thankful for the fact that she managed to act in this movie and hopes that those who watch it will begin to see their world in a more positive light.

Miyazawa also revealed that the staff had high expectations of them and would try to encourage the cast every morning before filming started which made them try their best to do well every day. Even though acting itself is living in a fictional world, the cast were fully immersed in their roles so the story felt real to them as time went by. Sugisaki also chipped in to say that she hardly felt like she was acting and was just reacting as the story developed so she is very honoured to be a part of this production.

Director Nakano revealed that he's a rather laidback person and it took him 19 years and 7 months since he came to Tokyo before he made his first commercial film. However, he didn't think that the time he spent was in vain as this period was precisely what made it possible for him to produce this movie now. He also praised his cast for delivering a performance better than he expected and expressed his joy as a director to have met them.

Upon hearing all these comments, Odagiri joked that he wasn't sure what he should say and simply commented that he was filled with so many thoughts in his heart and couldn't say anything. This made Miyazawa "scold" him that he should perform better since this was their first-day-screening event after all. Odagiri then followed up by saying that he was very sure that the movie is a good one and praised Miyazawa's acting which he saw on the set. In response, Miyazawa said that he shouldn't have been watching her since they were acting together anyway.

Miyazawa who was recently reported to be dating V6's Morita Go in the 27th October issue of "Shuukan Shincho", did not respond to questions about this from the media as she left the cinema theatre. Miyazawa and Morita worked together in the stage play "Biniiru no Shiro" in August this year and were caught on a date in Daikanyama before returning to her house for the time. Their agencies both commented that they will leave things to the two of them since this is a private matter.

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