Sunday, October 09, 2016

First-day-screening event of new movie "HiGH&LOW THE RED RAIN"

The first-day-screening event of new movie "HiGH&LOW THE RED RAIN" was held at Marunouchi Picadilly 1 on 8 October which was attended by the director Yamaguchi Yudai and cast members EXILE's TAKAHIRO, Sandaime J Soul Brothers' Tosaka Hiroomi, Saito Takumi, Yoshimoto Miyu, Iwata Takanori, Suzuki Nobuyuki and Ishiguro Ken. The movie is the second installment in the HiGH& LOW series and describes the fight for street rights among 5 teams and the past and secrets surrounding the Amamiya brothers played by Saito, TAKAHIRO and Tosaka.

In line with the movie's title, Saito revealed that he was wearing red underwear which led TAKAHIRO to grin and remark that he did the same. Saito then suggested that they show each other later which led TAKAHIRO to joke that they can probably do an exchange of their uniforms like what players do after a soccer match. As the three actors who played brothers had to spend a long time in the Philippines for the filming, they became close friends as a result and even created a LINE chat group to talk. They also praised one another for being good looking. Saito also commented that it was probably not a good thing that their first-day-screening coincided with a rainy day but he chose to see it as rain which will bring good fortune to them and the movie..

Sources: Sanspo / Sponichi / Oricon

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