Sunday, October 09, 2016

Honda Miyu to star in TV Asahi drama SP "Tantei Shoujo Arisa no Jikenbo"

Honda Miyu will be starring in the TV Asahi drama SP "Tantei Shoujo Arisa no Jikenbo" which is due to be shown this winter. This will make her the youngest lead actress in TV Asahi's golden timeslot history. The drama which is based on the same-titled novel by mystery writer Higashigawa Tokuya, features Honda as the genius detective Ayaragi Arisa who has great observation and reasoning powers despite being just a primary school student.

Honda had appeared in many dramas and movies to date and is also active as a figure skater along with her elder brother and sister. With regard to her character in this drama, Honda revealed that she has never worn such a frilly dress before and is very happy about it. She hopes that the viewers will like this drama after watching this. Due to the fact that she is playing the lead for the first time, she has to memorise a huge amount of lines and use difficult words which she had never heard before. Despite so, she is a fan of the original novel and is very happy to play the role of Arisa.

Co-stars include Natori Yuko who plays Okuno Tomomi, the housekeeper at the mansion on a deserted island where Arisa visits with her aunt (Okouchi Nanako), Tanaka Kei who plays a city council member, Terada Minori who plays a lawyer, Takasugi Mizuho who plays a management consultant, Jinbo Satoshi who plays a former chef and Iwaki Koichi. The story talks about how Arisa and her aunt goes on a vacation at the mansion where the latter is subsequently found dead. In the storm enveloping the island, the guests and staff staying there are unable to communicate with the outside world nor leave the island as a series of murders continue to happen.

Sources: Nikkansports / Sanspo / Oricon

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