Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Iura Arata, Eita, Hasegawa Kyoko & Hashimoto Manami to star in new movie "Hikari"

Iura Arata, Eita, Hasegawa Kyoko and Hashimoto Manami will be appearing in the new movie "Hikari" based on Miura Shion's same-titled novel which will be directed by Omori Tatsushi. The movie is based on the theme of violence in daily life and describes how Nobuyuki, a junior high school student who lives on Mihamajima, a remote island in Tokyo, commits a crime when he tries to protect his classmate and girlfriend Mika. On the following day, the island is struck by a huge disaster thus leaving a few survivors including Nobuyuki, Mika, their childhood friend Tasuke and a few others. 25 years on, Tasuke appears again in front of Nobuyuki who is already married and reveals that he has a secret about the latter. Iura will play the 39-year-old Nobuyuki while Eita plays the role of Tasuke. Hasegawa will play Mika who tries to bury her past and survive in showbiz and Hashimoto will play Namiko who is Nobuyuki's wife.

During the filming, Iura recounted that he had to come face to face with violence in various forms so it was an emotionally taxing time for him. This is the third time that he is working with Omori and he's always thankful for the latter being able to bring out an unknown side of him each time so he's more than happy to give his all in the director's movies. As for Eita, he regards this collaboration with Iura very stimulating because he has always liked the latter as an actor and learnt new interesting things about acting from him this time. He too has worked with the director thrice to date but finds it a refreshing experience this time to work in this movie.

Hasegawa commented that it was like a journey of self-discovery for her this time and she had thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Hashimoto revealed that this is the first time she had acted in something like this so she hopes that the audience will be looking forward to watching the movie.

Co-stars also include Minami Kaho and Hirata Mitsuru. Filming was done between 20 August and 27 September at Izu Islands and Kawasaki. It will be shown in cinemas from autumn 2017.


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