Monday, October 10, 2016

Hirose Arisu to play the daughter of Shinohara Ryoko in NTV drama SP "Ai wo kou hito"

Hirose Arisu will be working with Shinohara Ryoko for the first time when she plays her daughter in the upcoming NTV drama SP "Ai wo kou hito" which is due to be shown this winter. Hirose's role will be Migusa, the daughter of Terue (Shinohara) who had suffered abuse by her mother Toyoko (also played by Shinohara) as a child. When Terue reunites with her brother who had been separated from her when he was born, memories of her past resurface and she comes to know about her mother's whereabouts in Taiwan. With Migusa's encouragement, Terue musters up the courage to find her mother which also lets Migusa know a side of the latter who she has never been aware of.

Hirose recounted that while seeing Shinohara manage two very different roles, she was very inspired by her great acting and felt like like she was looking at two different persons. This led her to resolve to improve her acting so as to do something like this one day. As Migusa is the only innocent and bright character in this emotionally-heavy drama, the staff decided to choose Hirose to play the character due to her cheerful image.

During the filming at Taiwan and Japan in August, Hirose revealed that she had a lot of fun chatting with Shinohara when they took the flight home. She praised Shinohara for being someone easy to talk to and it was very comfortable to spend time with her. In response, Shinohara said that Hirose's cheerfulness was a great help to her during the filming period.

Source: Sanspo

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