Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Fujiwara Tatsuya & Matsuyama Kenichi reunite for surprise appearance at marathon screening of original "Death Note" movies

Fujiwara Tatsuya and Matsuyama Kenichi reunited for a surprise appearance at the marathon screening of the original 2006 "Death Note" movies held on 20 October which was met with cheers of excitement from the audience. Fujiwara commented that the two movies shown 10 years ago were a big part of their acting careers which can be said to have contributed to who they are today. After so many years, they were glad to be able to let the public see these movies again and called upon them to support the latest installment in the "Death Note" series i.e. "Death Note Light up the NEW world" which will be shown from this Saturday i.e. 29 October.

The two of them joked at the beginning of their talk session that they didn't know that there is a new movie and laughed at the thought of the number of Death Notes increasing to 6 this time. Matsuyama then commented that if they have another sequel again, they might see 32 Death Notes next time which led the audience to laugh.

When asked about their collaboration back then, Matsuyama commented that Fujiwara was very experienced by then and he was merely starting out. As such, he felt the pressure since they were supposed to be rivals in the story. However, he recounted fondly that Fujiwara's acting made such a deep impression on him that he hopes to improve his own acting so as to match up to him one day. As for the likelihood of them working together again, Matsuyama said that it will be nice if they can be partners next time and he would love to feel the pressure of working with Fujiwara once more.

Source: Oricon

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