Friday, October 28, 2016

Special screening of new movie "Tanemaku Tabibito Yume no Tsugiki" at the 29th Tokyo International Film Festival

The special screening of new movie "Tanemaku Tabibito Yume no Tsugiki" during the 29th Tokyo International Film Festival was held at TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills on 28 October which was attended by Takanashi Rin and Saito Takumi. The director Sasabe Kiyoshi was absent due to work but sent a video message which was played during the event. Sasabe recounted that the filming was done last summer under sweltering conditions so he hopes to go back to Akaiwa to taste the peaches there. He also commented that if the movie performs well at the box office, he requested Takanashi to kiss him which led the latter to remark that she didn't know when the director is joking and when he is serious. In response, Saito replied on Takanashi's behalf to agree to this request. Despite this, Takanashi expressed her wish for the movie to do well and thanked the director, staff and cast for treating her like family. As for Saito, he also echoed her view and said that there was a lot of positive energy from the young team which should make this movie filled with lots of warmth.

During the event, Akaiwa City's mascot Akaiwa Momo-chan also came to support the actors. Takanashi recounted that there was a scene when she wore Momo-chan's costume and she found it tough because of the heavy headwear. When Momo-chan was jumping up and down to express her joy, Saito decided to interpret her actions in his own way and jokingly said that Momo-chan meant that the water in a big city like Tokyo doesn't suit her.

The movie which is set in Akaiwa City, Okayama Prefecture that is famous for its peaches, features Takanashi as the lead character Ayane who works in the city government office and her family's peach orchard so as to fulfill her late brother's wish to cultivate a new type of peaches while Saito plays Osamu who is a young official from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. It will be shown in cinemas from 5 November.

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