Sunday, October 09, 2016

First-day-screening event of new movie "Shoujo"

The first-day-screening event of new movie "Shoujo" was held at a Shinjuku cinema on 8 October which was attended by the director Mishima Yukiko, the original novel's author Minato Kanae and cast members Honda Tsubasa, Yamamoto Mizuki, Inagaki Goro, Kojima Kazuya and Sato Ryo. The movie features Honda and Yamamoto as a pair of senior high school students who try to find the meaning to live through witnessing the moment when people die.

As this was Inagaki's first public appearance since news of SMAP's impending disbandment came out in August, the media attention was naturally on him. When asked about his thoughts on the movie, Inagaki who played a staff member in an old folks' home with a mysterious past, commented that it is a film which touches on the darkness and wounds in people's hearts. He also praised the female leads Honda and Yamamoto for looking very pretty in their dresses and said that he only saw them in school uniforms during the filming. Inagaki commented that the two of them had very tough characters to play and he wondered if he would have been able to take on such a role in his 20s. Inagaki also revealed that his co-stars didn't quite talk to him which he attributed to the fact that he appeared quite aloof and apologised to them about this.

When asked about if he has experienced any form of darkness of late, Inagaki said that he is basically a dark person because his house is so dark that there are no fluorescent lights and he uses only candles at home so he is often teased for having a house which resembles a fortune telling shop. In response to the same question, Honda and Yamamoto both said that they enjoy playing games and watching anime alone at home on their off days. Honda revealed that she went without food for 18 hours and kept playing games while Yamamoto went to the movies alone for three days in a row when she had consecutive off days. This led Inagaki to wonder in amazement and ask them if they had no friends to go out with. He even jokingly remarked that he has a middle-aged male friend who would sometimes stay at his house so he feels sad whenever he doesn't see his friend around when he goes back.

At the end of the event, Inagaki was asked by the reporters to say something regarding the disbandment which he responded smilingly with a single sentence that he will work hard and apologised for the disturbance caused by this matter.

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