Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Iitoyo Marie to play the heroine in TV Tokyo drama SP "Fuben na Benriya 2016 Hatsuyuki"

Iitoyo Marie will be playing the heroine in the upcoming TV Tokyo drama SP "Fuben na Benriya 2016 Hatsuyuki" which will be shown either at the end of this year or early next year. She takes on the role of Kiritani Kozue who is a nurse. Other than Iitoyo, Takiguchi Yukihiro will be playing Kuwano Kenjiro who is a new member of the city government's regional revitalisation section.

The drama SP continues from the popular series "Fuben na Benriya" starring Takeyama Jun (Okada Masaki) who is a scriptwriter, Matsui Hideo (Suzuki Kousuke) who is the owner of the convenience business i.e. benriya and Umemoto Souichi (Endo Kenichi) who is a thrice-divorced former prison officer. The story starts from Takeyama returning to Hokkaido after a breakup which affects him so much that he can't work where he is asked by the city government to write the script for a short film to boost the town's profile. Coincidentally, the film titled "Yuki Onna" (Snow Woman) stars Kozue who looks identical to Takeyama's ex-girlfriend.

Iitoyo who is participating in the series for the first time, commented that as part of the story was not scripted and dependent on ad-libs by the cast, she was quite scared about the filming. However, she was advised by the director that it was fine to go overboard so she came to experience the filming during which she had become close to her co-stars and the staff. Being the heroine in the short film and playing the horror character Yuki Onna for the first time, she viewed this as a challenge and sought inspiration from the horror films which she had watched recently.

The short film "Yuki Onna" will be featured at the 11th Sapporo International Short Films Festival.


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