Sunday, October 09, 2016

First-day-screening event of new movie "Good Morning Show"

The first-day-screening event of new movie "Good Morning Show" was held at TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills on 8 October which was attended by the director Kimizuka Ryoichi and the cast members Nakai Kiichi, Nagasawa Masami, Shida Mirai, Hamada Gaku and Tokito Saburo. The comedic movie features Nakai as the main newscaster appearing in a morning wide show who is embroiled in a series of troubles happening within a single day such as his girlfriend who is a fellow announcer threatening to expose their relationship, the producer telling him about the possible cancellation of their programme and him being caught in the midst of a hold-up and forced to become the negotiator with the criminal (Hamada). In line with the theme of the movie, the cast drew lots to choose the unluckiest person among them who had to wear a 50kg explosion-proof suit for the photo-taking session. It turned out that Nakai got the honour of doing that so he was lamenting his "good luck" and the heat and wondered if the game was rigged.

When asked about an unlucky episode which happened to her recently, Nagasawa revealed that she went out for a meal with Asada Miyoko where the latter kept talking to her so she didn't even know what she had tasted during that meal. As for Shida, she revealed that she went for a drive but lost her parking ticket and her car key.

Hamada recounted when he was filming scenes with Nakai and Matsushige Yutaka who plays the leader of the special section from the Metropolitan Police Department, he was very happy and honoured about being able to "hog" them to himself and tried to do his best in their presence.

Sources: Sanspo / Oricon

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