Monday, October 17, 2016

Abe Hiroshi wins "Mifune Toshiro Award" at Kyoto International Film Festival 2016

Abe Hiroshi was presented with the "Mifune Toshiro Award" at the closing ceremony of the Kyoto International Film Festival 2016 held at Kyoto Hotel Okura on 16 October. During the ceremony, Abe was named as the third winner of this award after veteran actors Yakusho Koji and Nakadai Tatsuya. In his acceptance speech, Abe commented that he had watched many of Mifune's works in the past and had participated in two remakes of them so far where there was once he had played a role which Mifune had acted in before. As such, he called upon younger actors to watch more of Mifune's works and learn various things through the process. When asked about the type of roles he had played to date, Abe began by joking that he played a lot of foreigner roles before in a reference to his non-typical Japanese looks. He then revealed his wish to be able to participate in foreign movies in future or bring Japanese films to overseas audiences. As for this award given to him, he felt that it was a good life experience and hopes to do even better in movies from now on.

Sources: Modelpress / Oricon

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junny said...

Congrats, Abe Hiroshi! This sounds like a pretty prestigious award, so it's great that he's won it.