Friday, October 14, 2016

Fujiwara Tatsuya to be back as Kira in new movie "Death Note Light up the NEW world"

Fujiwara Tatsuya will be back to play Kira for the first time in 10 years in the new movie "Death Note Light up the NEW world" which is due to be shown in cinemas from 29 October. Although there will be no scenes where he will appear together with Matsuyama Kenichi who plays L, Fujiwara expressed his joy in being able to play this character again which he had not expected before. In conjunction with his appearance in the movie, there will be a 30-sec clip shown on the same day as the movie's release while a 90-sec clip will be shown on the movie's official website.

Fujiwara commented that he was thankful for being able to do the movie  10 years together with Matsuyama at such a young age of 23 years old and remembers the warm response from people in Japan and overseas. With a new storyline and characters, he feels that the new movie will be as interesting as the previous movies. The producer Sato Takahiro revealed that he had told Fujiwara about the new movie which led the latter to murmur that he would like to play Yagami Light again. However, since Light was already supposed to be dead in the last movie, they went through a few scenarios to see how they could get him to be "revived" without changing any rules in the Death Note. As for how this happens, viewers will only be able to find out after watching the new movie.

Prior to the movie's screening on the 29th, there will be a drama SP "Death Note Gyakushuu no Tensai" which describes the battle between Light and L from the viewpoints of Mishima (Higashide Masahiro) and Ryuuzaki (Ikematsu Sousuke) that will be shown at 9pm on 28 October.

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