Monday, October 31, 2016

Higa Manami to appear in TV Tokyo New Year drama SP "Tsuri baka nisshi Shinnyuu shain Hamasaki Densuke"

Higa Manami will be appearing in the upcoming TV Tokyo drama SP "Tsuri baka nisshi Shinnyuu shain Hamasaki Densuke" which will be shown during New Year 2017. She will play the role of Yajima Aki who Hama-chan (Hamada Gaku) used to like when he was a student and is the daughter of a family operating boat trips who has a son. As this is the first time that Higa will be playing a mother, she commented that she is prepared for such a role to come her way anytime so she views this as a welcome challenge in her career.

Besides Hamada, Nishida Toshiyuki, Hirose Arisu and Fukikoshi Mitsuru who had been announced earlier to be part of the cast, Aki's husband Yajima Kenji will be played by Arakawa Yoshiyoshi while Aki's father Iwata Genzo will be played by Ogura Hisahiro. Takeuchi Riki will also be appearing in the drama.

As part of the filming, Higa visited Ise Shima for the first time  and said that the atmosphere here felt different from her hometown in Okinawa. Since this is a port town, it offers a brilliant view of the sea and there are lots of delicious seafood such as sea bream which are available here.

Source: Oricon

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