Thursday, October 13, 2016

Completion screening event of TBS Autumn 2016 drama "Suna no Tou ~ Shirisugita Rinjin"

The completion screening event of TBS Autumn 2016 drama "Suna no Tou ~ Shirisugita Rinjin" was held on 11 October which was attended by cast members Kanno Miho, Matsushima Nanako, Tanaka Naoki, Iwata Takanori, Yokoyama Megumi, Horiuchi Keiko and Horan Chiaki. The drama which begins its run from 14 October in the Fridays 10pm timeslot, is set at a high-rise condominium complex where Takano Aki (Kanno) moves into with her family but finds herself being surrounded by the rich wives living there who are concerned with keeping up appearances and bullying those who are seen as weaker or not as rich. Amid these issues, a series of kidnapping cases involving children of negligent mothers happen thus bringing up the topic of what family love truly means. Tanaka plays Aki's husband while Iwata plays her childhood friend and gymnastics coach of her daughter. Yokoyama, Horiuchi and Horan play residents at the condominium while Matsushima is a mysterious neighbour who behaves suspiciously.

This is Kanno's first appearance in a drama since 2012's FujiTV drama "Kekkon Shinai" before she got married to Sakai Masato and gave birth to their first son in August last year. Kanno admitted that she wasn't planning to make a comeback so soon since she wants to take care of her son. However, when the offer for this drama came along, she was intrigued by the theme of what it means to be a mother, the cast lineup and the fact that this is an original story thus decided to accept the offer.

As it had been 16 years since Kanno and Matsushima worked together in the 2000 TBS drama SP "Hyakunen no Monogatari", Kanno commented that it is a honour to be able to work together with her and is thankful for the opportunity. In addition, she feels grateful that Matsushima had decided to appear in this drama and said that she was so glad to have such an elegant actress in this drama that she felt like hugging Matsushima. In response, Matsushima returned the compliment by saying that she was flattered by the praise and revealed that Kanno had organised a meal gathering for the cast where they could communicate and get closer with one another before the filming started.

Iwata commented that as his character's feelings for Aki are rekindled after their reunion, he hopes that this side story will be a welcome diversion from the messy interpersonal relationships among the condominium's residents. Kanno chipped in to comment that Iwata is already busy with his music career but does not let it show on set and that he's like a panda who readily smiles to everyone. Iwata expressed his joy at being referred to as a panda and thanked Kanno for buying ice cream for everyone since it was very hot during a location shooting.

Sources: Nikkansports / Sanspo / Oricon

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