Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Completion screening event of new movie "Oboreru Knife"

The completion screening event of new movie "Oboreru Knife" was held at Yurakucho Asahi Hall on 18 October which was attended by the director Yamato Yuki and cast members Komatsu Nana, Suda Masaki, Shigeoka Daiki, Kamishiraishi Mone and Shima Ryohei. The movie which is based on the shoujo manga by George Asakura, will be shown in cinemas from 5 November.

The film features Komatsu as teen model Mochizuki Natsume who moves from Tokyo to a countryside town and meets a mysterious and charming guy Hasegawa Koichiro (Suda) there where they fall in love with each other. Filming took place in Wakayama over 17 days from September to October last year.

The actors recounted the scene where they had to dive into the sea and look at each other after surfacing from the water. As the day of the filming was just before a typhoon's approach, Suda revealed that the sea was rather rough and it was very cold then but they had divers on standby to ensure their safety. Komatsu also commented that she felt as if she was about to sink as her wet school uniform was weighing her down and there were weights attached to her so that she wouldn't float but Suda joked that Komatsu is the type who won't sink into the sea no matter what happens.

Shigeoka revealed that when he first met Suda, he thought that the latter was a quiet person but the two of them became close friends after chatting with each other. However, Suda "complained" that Shigeoka spoke too much and tried to stop him from rambling on during the event. Shigeoka also commented how impressed he was with Suda who knew where his hometown is even though it is a place which most people from Kansai might not even know. Suda then pretended to forget about it which made Shigeoka complain about his "memory loss".

As for Kamishiraishi, she recounted how she had to put on weight then lose it during the filming in a span of just four days which led Suda to comment that she's like a boxer who can control her weight. In response, Kamishiraishi commented that Suda also put in a lot of effort to lose weight for the filming of his character's junior high days by not eating but he said that he couldn't remember much of those dieting days since he didn't get enough nutrition during the process.

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