Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Suda Masaki, Yokohama Ryuusei, Narita Ryo & Sugino Yosuke to release CD single as "GReeeeN Boys"

Suda Masaki, Yokohama Ryuusei, Narita Ryo and Sugino Yosuke who are starring in the new movie "Kiseki - Ano Hi no Sobito -", will be making their CD debut together on 24 January 2017. The movie which is due to be shown in cinemas from 28 January 2017, stars Matsuzaka Toori and Suda as brothers in the story describing the journey of how vocal group GReeeeN made their debut and became popular. Suda plays the leader of GReeeeN HIDE while Yokohama plays navi, Narita plays 92 and Sugino plays SOH. Matsuzaka takes on the role of HIDE's elder brother i.e. their producer JIN in the movie.

The four actors will be releasing the CD single (same title as group name) under the name GReeeeN Boys and do cover versions of GReeeeN's hit songs "Kiseki", "Koe" and "Michi". The CD single is produced by GReeeeN's member JIN. The song "Kiseki" will be released via online streaming portals first on 9 November. The group will also be the guests for GReeeeN's 10th anniversary concert held at Saitama Super Arena on 7 January 2017.

Suda commented that even though the four of them have no singing skills to speak of and probably can't sing that well, they still wanted to convey their love of music through this CD and the movie where they sang without any stand-in vocals. Suda also said that their versions will not be merely covers of the originals but will have their personal touch. As such, the producer Koike Kentaro felt that the group should make their CD debut and make their voices known to the world. Prior to the filming, the four of them went through voice training for two months during their free time to prepare for the singing scenes in the movie.

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