Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Hira Takehiro releases statement with regard to his father's demise

Hira Takehiro released a statement via his official website on 24 October with regard to the sudden demise of his father Hira Mikijirou. In the statement, Hira apologised for the sudden worry and concern caused by his father's passing and explained that he was told about his father being uncontactable from 22nd October so decided to visit him on the following day where he found the elder Hira lying peacefully in the bathtub. Hira apologised for the inconveniences and trouble caused to the people who are working with his father on dramas and stage plays and expressed his gratitude to everyone for making his father's life as an actor very fulfilling.

Hira recounted that when he was a child, there was a long period of time when he couldn't meet his father. However, when he himself became an actor, they were able to make up for lost time as he saw his father also as an acting senior and master. With regard to the funeral and wake arrangements, they will make the announcement when the details are finalised. There will be no press conference held with regard to this so he called for the understanding of everyone for his announcement made in written form.

Source: Oricon

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