Monday, October 10, 2016

Promotional campaign of TV Asahi Autumn 2016 drama "Aibou season 15"

From 10 October, there are 6 digital signage panels nicknamed as "AI Aibou" displayed on the platforms at Roppongi train station on the Oedo Line in conjunction with the impending broadcast of TV Asahi's Autumn 2016 drama "Aibou season 15" from 12 October. Out of these 6 panels, one of them will be fitted with an artificial intelligence (AI) system whereby passengers can stand in front of the panel to trigger the inbuilt scanner which then identifies the person's age and gender. After that, there will be different conversations originating from the two leads Mizutani Yutaka and Sorimachi Takashi displayed on the panel to simulate the situation of the passenger meeting them by chance. As for the other 5 panels, they will be showing the promotional footage for the drama. The panels will be placed at the station until 16 October and operates from 10am to 5pm on weekdays and from the first train's timing to 9pm on Saturdays. It will be running for the whole day during Sundays and public holidays.

In addition, projection mappings of the leads will be displayed in Shibuya from 6pm to 12 midnight on random buildings along the direction towards SHIBUYA109 from the Hachiko exit of JR Shibuya station which will run till 12 October. Last but not least, visuals of the leads will be displayed in guerilla-style at random spots around Shibuya Centre Street so the public may chance upon them at unexpected places and timings. This event will run till 23 October.

Source: Oricon

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