Friday, October 07, 2016

Girls-only screening event of new movie "Nanimono"

The girls-only screening event of new movie "Nanimono" was held on 6 October which was attended by 150 women and the cast members Sato Takeru and Arimura Kasumi. The movie which is based on the bestseller novel by Asai Ryo who is the first Heisei-born writer to win the Naoki Award, features a group of 5 university students on the search for jobs and using SNS to share information. The film is due to be shown in cinemas from 15 October.

When Sato and Arimura appeared on stage, he revealed that he was very pleased to see so many cute girls in the audience while Arimura commented that it was interesting and reassuring to be at a girls-only event for the first time. During the event, the results of a romance-related survey involving the audience were revealed and discussed. The audience also pasted labels on themselves which indicated the type of girl they are. Arimura revealed that she is a "my-pace" girl but Sato said that she is more like a sloth who moves so slowly even during filming and behaves very cautiously all the time. However, because she looks cute no matter what she does, Sato said that she should be a crafty-type girl.

During the Yes or No game to reveal the true thoughts of the audience, they were asked questions such as whether they value love over friendship. When Sato saw that only 19 people agreed with this statement, he was surprised and thought that more than 100 people would say yes. Sato revealed that he would slightly put love as a priority and he feels that his friends will understand him. Likewise, Arimura also shared her view that true friendship would not crumble just because of love and will not want to let either side be neglected. As for the question which asked if anyone is caught in a love triangle and if their rival in love is sitting beside them, there were 3 people who answered yes which made the actors wonder in amazement.

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