Thursday, October 20, 2016

Kurashina Kana, Kanjiya Shihori, Kawaei Rina etc. to star in new FujiTV Winter 2016 drama "Kanjou 8-go sen"

Kurashina Kana, Kanjiya Shihori, Kawaei Rina, Matobu Sei, Ono Yuriko and Hotta Akane will be appearing in the new FujiTV Winter 2016 drama "Kanjou 8-go Sen" (Feelings Line No.8) which will be shown via FujiTV TWO Drama Anime and TWOsmart at 11.30pm on Sundays from 15 January. The drama is based on a novel by Hatano Tomomi and features the various love situations of women staying along the Circle Line No.8 such as one-sided love, domestic violence and extramarital affairs.

In the first episode, Kawaei who plays the role of Maki living at Ogikubo, left her hometown in Shizuoka to come to Tokyo three years ago in the hope of becoming an actress. She is currently working part-time at a gyoza restaurant and secretly in love with a fellow member of her theatre group but doesn't know how to make her feelings known. Kurashina appears in the second episode as Eri who lives at Hachimanyama and is about to get married but cannot tell anyone about her fiance inflicting violence on her. Kanjiya plays Ami in the third episode who lives at Chitose-Funabashi and works at the interior shop as Eri but has an unspeakable issue even though she is newly-married and should be basking in bliss.

The fourth episode features Fumi (Matobu) who is a housewife living at Futako-Tamagawa and Maki's cousin. Although it looks on the surface that she is having a good life and has two children, she finds out that her husband is having an affair with his subordinate. Ono appears in the fifth episode as Rina who lives at Kaminoge and has an affair with Fumi's husband. In the final episode, Hotta plays Mayu who lives at Denen-Chofu and is a rich girl. She falls in love at first sight with a guy from a theatre group and goes to work part-time at the gyoza restaurant where he works at even though she doesn't need the money.

Source: Oricon

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