Friday, October 14, 2016

Special screening event & press conference of TBS Autumn 2016 drama "IQ246 Karei naru Jikenbo"

The special screening event and press conference of TBS Autumn 2016 drama "IQ246 Karei naru Jikenbo" was held on 14 october which was attended by Oda Yuji, Tsuchiya Tao and Dean Fujioka. The drama which begins its run from this Sunday at 9pm, features Oda as Houmonji Sharaku, the 89th generation descendant of the noble Houmonji clan with an IQ of 246 who is only interested in solving difficult cases while Fujioka plays his butler and bodyguard and Tsuchiya plays a newbie police officer assigned to assist Sharaku.

Oda revealed that when he accepted the offer, he was troubled over how to play this unusual character until he felt like he was getting gastric pain. In order to prepare for the filming, he want to a primary school where there were many clever kids with an IQ of at least 170 and interacted with these children where he got inspiration on how he should play Sharaku.

Tsuchiya who had taken part in the recent Akasaka 5-chome marathon during the TBS programme "All Stars Kanshasai" to promote the drama and came in 5th against male runners, recounted that she was able to finish the race whenever she saw her co-stars rooting for her at the turning point. Fujioka who is acting with Oda and Tsuchiya for the first time, said that he is almost like a newbie in Japan and hopes to learn from veterans like Oda through this drama.

It was also announced during the event that the guest stars for the third and fourth episodes will be Sato Ryuta and Mizuki Arisa (Ep 3) and Kuninaka Ryoko (Ep 4).

Source: Oricon

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