Friday, October 28, 2016

Koide Keisuke to join the cast of NTV Autumn 2016 drama "Rental Kyuuseishu" from Ep 4

Koide Keisuke will be appearing in the NTV Autumn 2016 drama "Rental Kyuuseishu" from Ep 4 onwards which will be shown on 30 October. This is the first time in 11 years that Koide is appearing as a regular in a NTV drama since "Gokusen 2".

Koide will be playing Shirozaki Sentarou who is the elder brother of Momochi Reiko (Shida Mirai) and the president of a IT company. Coincidentally, the company which he owns is where Kurou (Oosugi Ren) was working at before he got fired.

Koide revealed that he had been watching the drama since it began and was surprised to be given the chance to participate in it. Although he's only joining the filming midway into the season and there are many things which he isn't used to, he will do his best to play his character.

Source: Oricon

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