Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Nakagawa Taishi & Taira Yuna to star in new movie "ReLIFE"

Nakagawa Taishi and Taira Yuna will be starring in the new movie 'ReLIFE" which is due to be shown in cinemas from 15 April 2017. The movie which is based on the manga by Yayoiso published on comico, has released 6 volumes to date and achieved sales of more than 1.4 million copies. Nakagawa plays the lead character Kaizaki Arata who is a 27-year-old NEET approached by a mysterious man Yoake Ryo from the ReLife Research Institute who offers him the opportunity to go back to his high school days 10 years ago for a limited period of one year as their test subject. During the period, he gradually falls in love with his classmate Hishiro Chizuru (Taira).

Nakagawa commented that he was surprised to be getting a role for 27 years old even though he is only 18 now. However, he saw this a new challenge for himself and was glad to be given the chance to give it a shot. As for how to show the 10-year age gap, Nakagawa revealed that the staff had helped him to look the part by making adjustments to his appearance. As for Taira, she had to cut her fringe to match the image of her character and has started to develop an interest in cats since Hishiro is a cat lover.

Filming begins in early November.

Source: Oricon

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