Sunday, October 02, 2016

Ueto Aya & Saito Takumi to be back in the movie version of "Hirugao"

Ueto Aya who gave birth to her first daughter in August last year, will be making her return to acting through the movie version of "Hirugao" along with Saito Takumi. The movie which is due to be shown in cinemas during early summer next year, continues from where the original drama series ended in September 2014 where Ueto and Saito's characters Sawa and Kitano were forced to go their separate ways after an extramarital affair. Due to the overwhelming response asking for a sequel after the drama ended its run, it was decided that the movie version will be made but the timing was delayed till now due to the schedules of the cast and Ueto's pregnancy.

The movie is set at 3 years after the end of the drama where Sawa and Kitano meet by chance at a seaside town and begin their forbidden love affair again. Filming began from 24 September in the suburbs of Tokyo. Ueto commented that "Hirugao" had a special meaning to her since it was the drama which gave her a new perspective thus she will work hard to make this as one of her signature works. As for Saito, the drama was also memorable to him since it was regarded the one which boosted his popularity and gave him the label of sexy actor. As such, he hopes to find a new way to play Kitano in the movie which is said to have a shocking and sad ending.

Co-stars in the movie include Ito Ayumi who plays Kitano's wife and a new addition Hirayama Hiroyuki who is the owner of the restaurant where Sawa works at. The filming is expected to end in early November.

Sources: Sanspo / Oricon

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