Monday, October 03, 2016

Screening event of new NHK drama "Sniffer Kyuukaku Sousakan"

The screening event of new NHK drama "Sniffer Kyuukaku Sousakan" was held at NHK's headquarters in Shibuya, Tokyo on 3 october which was attended by main cast members Abe Hiroshi, Kagawa Teruyuki and Igawa Haruka. The drama which begins its run from 22 October in the Saturdays 10pm timeslot, is a remake of the 2013 hit Ukranian drama series and features Abe as the lead character Hanaoka Shinichiro who has a strong sense of smell and nicknamed as "Sniffer". He makes use of his ability to solve difficult cases by being able to tell a person's age, gender, lifestyle type and what he or she had eaten with his nose. Kagawa plays his buddy Komukai Tatsuro who is somewhat like his guardian angel and yet at odds with him while Igawa plays the role of Suenaga Yuki, a ENT doctor who is intrigued by Hanaoka's ability.

Although this is the first collaboration between Abe and Kagawa, the latter revealed that Abe is so good at acting in comedies so he thinks that this drama will be even better than Abe's hit movie "Terumae Romae". In the drama, as Hanaoka's nose is supposed to be very sensitive to smells, Abe had to use a nasal plug most of the time which became the character's signature action. With regard to this, Igawa praised Abe for having really good-looking and sexy nostrils. Abe commented that he hopes that this drama will be readily accepted by the Japanese viewers and believes that it will become something even better than the original drama, thanks to the hard work from his co-stars and staff.

Source: Oricon

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