Sunday, March 12, 2017

Takahata Mitsuki wins the 3rd Cover Girl Taisho for the most magazine covers in 2016

Takahata Mitsuki won the 3rd Cover Girl Taisho as she had appeared on the most number of covers for magazines published in 2016. The annual award is based on about 10,000 magazines sold via online bookstore and results of the actresses and female idols who appeared the most times on magazine covers are announced on 4 March which is Magazine Day in Japan. In the first two editions, Ishihara Satomi won the award.

Takahata commented that she was very happy about winning this award. When she first got news of her win, she doubted her eyes and had to confirm again before the news finally sank in. Takahata also revealed that whenever she sees the magazines bearing her face on the covers in bookstores, she would be so nervous and feel embarrassed yet happy at the same time. As such, she felt that she should probably train herself to get used to seeing her magazine covers.

Here are the winners for the other categories:

Fashion - Ishihara Satomi
Entertainment - Nogizaka46's Nishino Nanase
Gravure - Ishikawa Ren
Comic - SUPER*GIRLS' Asakawa Nana
Teens - Hirose Suzu
20s - Takahata Mitsuki
30s - Ayase Haruka
Most Talked About - Nikaidou Fumi

Source: Oricon

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