Thursday, March 23, 2017

Kobukuro to sing the theme song for new movie "Chotto ima kara shigoto yametekuru"

Kobukuro will be singing the theme song for new movie "Chotto ima kara shigoto yametekuru" starring Fukushi Souta which will be shown in cinemas from 27 May. The movie features Kudo Asuka in the role of Aoyama Takashi, a young man who has just started his first full-time job and is so stressed by the tough sales targets set by his company and power harassment that he wants to commit suicide by jumping onto a railway track. However, in the nick of time, he is saved by a mysterious man named Yamamoto (Fukushi) who is very cheerful for no reason and keeps speaking Kansai-ben to him. Through their interaction, Aoyama starts to feel the positive energy from Yamamoto rub onto him and things at work improve. Unexpectedly, Aoyama finds out that Yamamoto had actually committed suicide three years ago. Co-stars include Kuroki Haru, Koike Eiko and Yoshida Kotaro.

Kobukuro's Kobuchi Kentaro used to be a salaryman for four years between the ages of 18 and 22 and even became a supervisor at 21 before he became a musician. As such, he tapped on his past experience to write the song titled "Kokoro" (Heart) which describes how to live on when the heart and body are not in sync. During those tough days when he was busy with visiting clients, although there were happy things he experienced, he also found that it was not fulfilling and felt as if his soul was not with him at work. During that period, he began performing live on the streets of Sakai, Osaka, as a form of therapy for himself and met his singing partner Kuroda Shunsuke there. As such, when Kobuchi saw the movie, he was reminded of his past memories thus giving birth to the song.


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