Friday, March 24, 2017

Yoshida Yo & Mitsushima Hikari to appear in TV Tokyo drama SP "Hagoku"

Yoshida Yo and Mitsushima Hikari will be appearing in the new TV Tokyo drama SP "Hagoku" starring Beat Takeshi which will be shown at 9pm on 12 April. In this drama SP set in 1942, Takeshi will be playing a prison warden named Urata Susumu who works at Kosuge Prison in Tokyo and has no purpose in life other than stop his prisoners from escaping ever since his wife died during an earthquake. One day, he is informed that a former inmate at Kosuge named Sakuma Kiyotaro who used to respect him a lot and was sent to another prison in Akita to serve his life sentence had escaped. 3 months later, Sakuma comes to Urata's house and reveals that he was subjected to inhumane treatment at the Akita prison and wants to launch a lawsuit against them. However, Urata tells on Sakuma which results in the latter being caught and sent to the prison in Abashiri, Hokkaido. Subsequently, Urata gets transferred to Abashiri to become the chief warden and meets Sakuma there again. Yamada will be taking on the role of Sakuma who was born into a poor family in Aomori and became an odd-job man on a crab fishing boat. While breaking into a warehouse to steal, he kills a man who is hot on his heels and gets a life sentence. However, he vows to stay alive and tries to break out of prison successfully at least 4 times.

Yoshida will play Miyoko, the daughter of Urata and also takes on the narrator's role for this drama SP. She revealed that she has always wanted to work with Takeshi one day so she was very happy to be able to play his daughter. On the other hand, Mitsushima will play Mitsu who is the wife of Sakuma. She was born in a poor family and sold to a red-light district when she was 17. Mitsu then got married to Sakuma after meeting him when she was 19 and continues to wait for him at home with their child even as he gets sentenced to life imprisonment.

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