Thursday, March 30, 2017

Supporting cast line-up for new Netflix drama "Jimmy ~ Aho mitai na honma no hanashi ~" announced

The supporting cast line-up for new Netflix drama "Jimmy ~ Aho mitai na honma no hanashi ~" has been announced. The drama which is based on the life of comedian Jimmy Onishi, will feature Koide Keisuke playing Sanma himself and Nakao Akiyoshi playing Jimmy. It describes the "fateful" meeting at Osaka in the 1980s between Sanma and Jimmy when Sanma found the latter tied to the staircase of a theatre without wearing any clothes. At that time, Jimmy was just a newbie comedian who failed at everything he did while Sanma was already a popular star. Subsequently, Sanma helped Jimmy to develop his comedic talent and the latter even became an international artist.

Sato Koichi will be playing Miyake Keisuke, the famous producer who had discovered Sanma and many other TV stars. As Sato has been a close friend of Sanma since they acted together in a 1982 movie, he revealed that he was drawn to this drama because the latter was the producer and volunteered to take part in this drama. During the filming, he had a lot of fun chatting with Sanma and Miyake himself.

Other co-stars include Ikewaki Chizuru who plays Ootake Shinobu i.e. Sanma's ex-wife, Namase Katsuhisa who plays Jimmy's high school teacher and advisor in the baseball team, Tezuka Satomi who plays the owner of a restaurant and Nukumizu Yoichi who plays a doctor.

The drama which consists of 9 episodes, will be shown internationally this summer.

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