Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Screening event and press conference of TV Tokyo drama SP "Kajitsu no nai mori"

The screening event and press conference of TV Tokyo drama SP "Kajitsu no nai mori" was held at the TV station's Roppongi HQ on 21 March which was attended by cast members Higashiyama Noriyuki and Nakayama Miho. The drama SP will be shown at 9pm on 29 March.

The two of them both made their debut in 1985 but this is the first time that they are acting in the same drama. Filming was done under a tight schedule in December last year. Despite so, Higashiyama joked that he enjoyed the tough filming since he got rewards such as doing a kissing scene with Nakayama on 12 December which was his debut anniversary and a bed scene on Christmas Eve.

Higashiyama plays the role of Umeki Ryusuke, a creative planner working in a IT company who happens to meet a mysterious beautiful woman Eto Miyuki (Nakayama) and her male companion while returning from a drive as they try to hitch a ride from him. However, he finds out that the man died suddenly in a strange way while getting increasingly obsessed with Miyuki. When he realises later that the men around her die one after another under mysterious conditions, Umeki sets out to find the truth out of fear for his own safety.

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