Friday, March 24, 2017

Taiga to star in real-life adaptation movie of "Poncho ni yoake no kaze haramasete"

Taiga will be taking on the leading role in the new real-life adaptation movie "Poncho ni yoake no kaze haramasete" (The poncho is filled up with the wind from daybreak) based on the same-titled youth novel by Hayami Kazumasa and will be shown in cinemas from October this year. The movie which will be directed by Hirohara Satoru, also features Nakamura Aoi, Yamoto Yuuma, Sometani Shota, Satsukawa Aimi and Abe Junko in its cast lineup.

The road movie describes how three senior high school boys Matahachi (Taiga), Jin (Nakamura) and Jumbo (Yamoto) lead meaningless lives and wants to do something to change their situations. They hatch a plan with their friend Nakata (Sometani) to hijack the upcoming graduation ceremony with an impromptu live performance and decide to head out for the last trip of their senior high school days. Things do not progress as they expect but this makes them grow up and they seem to be guided to find their respective paths in life. As Nakata waits for the trio to return before the graduation ceremony, the boys are in for a surprise as to what lies at the end of their journey. Satsukawa will be playing a gravure idol Ai while Abe plays a sex worker Maria.

In order to get the budget to increase the number of cinemas showing this movie, there is a crowdfunding site which is asking for donations from the public who will get unique premium souvenirs in exchange.


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