Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Yamamoto Yusuke's contract terminated by his agency for repeated violations

Entertainment agency Ever Green Entertainment announced on 21 March that it has terminated its management contract with actor Yamamoto Yusuke with immediate effect. According to the statement, the agency revealed that it had been involved in many discussions with Yamamoto to date about the issues they had. After serious consideration and much reluctance, they decided to terminate his contract as he did not meet their expectations and had violated his contractual obligations repeatedly. Although the agency had supported Yamamoto in his career for the past 11 years since he made his debut, they expressed regret at this outcome and were sorry for their lack of leadership ability to guide him. Last but not least, the agency thanked everyone for their support of Yamamoto and apologised for being unable to stick with him any longer but hoped that they would still look upon Yamamoto favourably in future.

Yamamoto entered showbiz by winning the second prize in the 2005 Junon Super Boy Contest and the photogenic award as voted by the magazine's readers. He then made his debut as an actor in the 2006 TV Asahi drama "Kamen Rider Kabuto". His signature works include 2007 FujiTV drama "Hanazakari no Kimitachi e ~ Ikemen Paradise" and 2011 TBS drama "Ouran Koukou Host Bu" which he co-starred with Kawaguchi Haruna.

Sources: Sponichi / Sanspo / Oricon


tilmon said...

I wonder what led up to this. Other than that scandal a few years back, I haven't heard any rumors about his private life. Or did he just refuse to take on some of the projects they wanted him to do?

Chiaki said...

Hi tilmon, besides that scandal with a cabaret hostess in 2014 where she was said to have posted pictures of them in bed together, he was caught by FRIDAY in January this year for having a drinking date with an idol and bringing her back home to spend the night. However, there's still no official explanation from Yamamoto himself so I guess there will be more theories thrown up over the next few days.

tilmon said...

Thanks, Chiaki. Ugh! Idol culture is so terrible. Unless she was underage, what is so horrible about two adults drinking and, presumably, having sex in a culture where that is legal and common for adults? I guess there could be other things that Evergreen has gotten tired of covering up, but it seems like pretty weak reasons to dissolve a contract.

Chiaki said...

Well, as a public figure, he was expected to behave in a proper way. If they are really dating, that should be fine but the general view is that he had so many casual relationships and sex partners so it reflects badly on his image. Another reason cited by the media is that he was involved in some shady side-businesses and he refused to listen to his agency to stay clear of these. Whatever it is, Ever Green has already deleted his profile from their website while Yamamoto still remains silent on his dismissal.