Friday, March 24, 2017

Pre-release screening event of new movie "Blue Hearts ga kikoeru"

The pre-release screening event of new movie "Blue Hearts ga kikoeru" was held at Shinjuku Wald 9 on 15 March which was attended by the directors Iizuka Ken, Iguchi Noboru, Shimizu Takashi, Kudo Shinichi and Lee Sang-il as well as cast members Ono Machiko, Ichihara Hayato, Saito Takumi and Toyokawa Etsushi. The omnibus movie which will be shown in cinemas from 8 April, is a collection of 6 short stories based on the same-titled song from legendary band "THE BLUE HEARTS" which disbanded in 1995 and also features Yuka and Nagase Masatoshi as the leads.

Although the film was at risk of not being able to be screened due to the problems at the production company, there was a cloud funding exercise on Makuake from 7 December which raised a certain amount of funds thus enabling the film's screening to be finalised. With regard to this, Toyokawa commented that it had been a long journey before they could make it to this day and thanked everyone for their help in ensuring that the film could be screened.

As for the charms of this movie, Ono said that her story "Hammer (48-oku no Bruce)" about a 30-something woman who has a straying boyfriend is something which women will surely identify with. Ichihara cited the special effects used in his story "Hito ni yasashiku" as something to look out for. On the other hand, Saito who stars in "Love Letter", revealed that he had to learn how to behave like a fat person from director Iguchi who taught him to keep touching the flesh  beneath his chin since it's soft. As such, Saito jokingly said that he is ready to put on weight anytime since he is armed with the know-how now which led the audience to burst into laughter.


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