Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Tunnels' Kinashi Noritake & Sato Takeru to star in new real-life adaptation movie "Inuyashiki"

Tunnels' Kinashi Noritake will be starring in the new real-life adaptation movie "Inuyashiki" based on the same-titled manga by Oku Hiroya which had sold more than 2 million copies to date. This will be Kinashi's first leading role in a movie since 2002's "Ryoma no tsuma to sono otto to aijin". He will be working with Sato Takeru who will be taking on his first baddie role in this movie.

Kinashi will be playing the lead character Inuyashiki Ichiro, an elderly salaryman who has no friends and a poor relationship with his family. One day, he gets struck by a mysterious explosion in a park which leads to him acquiring a cyborg-like body and superhuman powers which he resolves to use in helping others and find the meaning of his existence. On the other hand, a young man named Shishigami Hiro (Sato) was also affected by the explosion and decides to use his powers to kill mercilessly in a bid to bring about the extinction of human beings. As the paths of Inuyashiki and Shishigami cross, they are destined to fight each other as nobody but Inuyashiki can stop the latter.

Kinashi revealed that when he first received the offer to act in this movie, he had only heard the title and didn't know what the movie's story was about. It was only when his children heard about it and encouraged him to take this on because they are big fans of the manga. Before the filming began, he had to go overseas to undergo a full body scan where seals were pasted on every part of his body so that the information can be used for the CG scenes. As it was his first experience doing this, Kinashi said that it was as if he had stepped into a brand new world. Kinashi also revealed that when he told his buddy Nakai Kiichi about the movie, the latter teased him for doing a movie about dogs which made Kinashi resolve to do a great job and prove his friend wrong. As for Sato, he commented that he did feel apprehensive about playing this character but he was attracted by the scale of the movie and the attractiveness of the role so he decided to give it a go in the end.

Co-stars in this movie include Hongo Kanata who plays Ando Naoyuki, Nikaidou Fumi who plays Watanabe Shion, Miyoshi Ayaka (Inuyashiki Mari), Fukuzaki Nayuta (Inuyashiki Takeshi), Hamada Mari (Inuyashiki Marie), Saito Yuki (Shishigami Yuko) and Iseya Yusuke who plays an original character Detective Hagiwara.

The movie will be shown in cinemas next year.

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