Monday, March 20, 2017

Production press conference of new TV Tokyo Spring 2017 drama "Code Name Mirage"

The production press conference of new TV Tokyo Spring 2017 drama "Code Name Mirage" was held on 10 March which was attended by cast members Kiriyama Renn, Kaname Jun, Sano Hinako and Takeda Shinji as well as creator Hiroi Oji who wrote this original story. The drama begins its run from 7 April in the Fridays 1.23am timeslot and describes how the special team K-13 in the National Police Agency deal with crimes which cannot be handled openly by the police force.

Kiriyama plans the lead character Moriyama Shinichi nicknamed Mirage who is a top agent within K-13 who doesn't show any emotions and rarely speaks. With regard to his character, Kiriyama revealed that he went through the 1st episode's script and found that he only had two lines, of which one was "ryoukai" (I understand). As such, he has to rely on his eyes to show his character's emotions  since he can't speak in the drama. On the other hand, Kaname who plays the section chief of the special public security team, has to do most of the talking in order to "cover" for Kiriyama's character. As for Sano who plays a genius hacker, she revealed that she had to attend a hacker's seminar and undergo training by a hacker who had won contests. For Takeda who plays the real estate magnate at odds with K-13, he commented that the style of this drama is similar to his signature work "NIGHT HEAD" as the key characters do not know who they are up against from the start and can't see where they are heading.

Source: Oricon

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