Friday, March 10, 2017

RADWIMPS' vocalist Noda Yojiro to star in TV Tokyo Spring 2017 drama "Hyakumanen no Onnatachi"

RADWIMPS' vocalist & guitarist Noda Yojiro will be starring in the upcoming TV Tokyo Spring 2017 drama "Hyakumanen no Onnatachi" (Women of a million yen) which will begin its run from 13 April in the Thursdays 1am timeslot. The drama which is based on the same-titled manga by Aono Shunjuu, will be Noda's first leading role in a drama and his first appearance in a drama. The timeslot is newly-set up in conjunction with Netflix where the dramas will be shown on TV and via the online portal to the international audience.

The drama features Noda as the lead character Michima Shin, a struggling writer who suddenly finds himself living with 5 mysterious women under the same roof. The women pay him a huge amount of rent totaling one million yen every month but their motive for getting close to him and their true identities will only be known as the story progresses. At the same time, Shin also finds his life changed in a drastic way through living with these women.

Noda said that as he is not a professional actor, he hopes to be able to show the confused side of Shin through his acting and views it as a challenge for himself. When he got the offer, he was impressed by how passionate the staff was about this production and stressed that this drama is very interesting so viewers should check it out. The drama's producer Goka Kimitaka said that the staff decided unanimously to approach Noda for this role as they felt that he had a mysterious air as seen from his debut movie "Toilet no Pieta" in 2015 which won him a newcomer award in the 39th Nippon Academy Award.

"Hyakumanen no Onnatachi" will be released via Netflix from 7 April onwards and shown via BS Japan from 18 April in the Tuesdays 11pm timeslot.

Sources: / Oricon

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