Monday, March 06, 2017

Perfume to star in new TV Tokyo drama SP "Pensees"

Perfume's members Nishiwaki Ayaka (Acchan), Kashino Yuka (Kashiyuka) and Omoto Ayano (Nocchi) will be starring in the new TV Tokyo drama SP "Pensees" which is the first leading role in a drama for them. The title of the drama means three-coloured pansy in French.

The drama SP is based on an original script written by Kizara Izumi with the themes of what it means to have a dream, work and die. Nishiwaki will play a company employee nicknamed Don-chan while Kashino plays Okamido who works as in her family business and Omoto plays Noribuu who is a freeter. The three of them became close friends since primary school as they went home together. When the three of them decide to buy a European-style bungalow which they have been eyeing for a long time, the real estate company offers to sell it to them at a very low price on the condition that they look after someone named Rikimaru. Upon agreeing to this, the trio move into the bungalow where they start to ponder over their dreams, work and death through their chats with one another.

Nishiwaki revealed that for the three of them who have been singing for the past 17 years, they were surprised when TV Tokyo approached them for this drama. Even though they had taken lessons in acting when they were much younger, they had no confidence in their acting skills. However, the TV station took one whole year to persuade them so they finally gave in especially after reading Kizara's script which was very interesting. Kashino added that they were both excited and nervous during the filming that the sound engineer could hear the sound of their heartbeats. Omoto echoed the view that the script is very interesting and the drama will become their life treasure.

The drama SP will be shown at 12.52am on 31 March and 1.15am on 1 April.

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Himi said...

I'm looking forward to this SP :D

I don't think "three-coloured violet" would be the right translation. Pensées has two meaning : A thought OR a flower that could be translated as "Pansy" :) I didn't know the English way to call these flowers, so I checked on "Google Image" with your translation but it's not really showing the correct flowers. Pansy does :3

Thank you for sharing this nice news!

PS: I saw that you wrote an answer to a previous comment I wrote, but I haven't got the time to check the links, sorry :'/ I'll do it when I get some time ^^

Chiaki said...

Hi Himi, thank you for the information. I will update the post accordingly.