Sunday, October 02, 2016

Amami Yuki & Hirosue Suzu to star in new movie "Chia Dan ~ Joshikousei ga chiadansu de zenbei seihashichatta honto no hanashi"

Amami Yuki and Hirosue Suzu will be working together in the upcoming movie "Chia Dan ~ Joshikousei ga chiadansu de zenbei seihashichatta honto no hanashi" (Cheerleading Dance ~ The true story of how a senior high school girl conquers the whole of America with cheerleading dance) which will be shown in cinemas next March. The movie is based on the true story of how Fukui Commerical High School's cheerleading dance team "JETS" won the NDA National Championship in March 2009 in just three years since it was set up.

Hirose plays a first-year senior high school student Hikari who belongs to the cheerleading team which is subjected to the tough training and rules imposed by their advisor Saotome Kaoruko (Amami). Amami who had expressed strong interest in playing the character based on JETS' real coach Igarashi Yuko, agreed to the offer immediately and commented that the young actors like Hirose worked very hard to practice the cheerleading dances and she was really pleased to see how much they had improved in just a few months. During the filming in May this year, JETS and Igarashi went to Niigata to meet the cast where Amami observed how Igarashi treated her students strictly but with love so as to prepare for her character.

Co-stars also include Nakajo Ayami, Yamazaki Hirona, Fukuhara Haruka and Minamino Saki. Before filming was done in May and June this year, the actresses playing the cheerleading team members went through a few months of intensive dance training.

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