Saturday, March 04, 2017

Supporting cast lineup announced for TV Tokyo drama SP "Touga no Hito"

The supporting cast lineup for new TV Tokyo drama SP "Touga no Hito" starring Suzuki Kyoka & Seto Koji has been announced. The drama SP which is based on the novel by Naoki Award winner Osawa Arimasa, features Suzuki as Maki Shizuri, a former police detective who is grappling with guilt after accidentally causing the death of her partner Maeda during an investigation. She meets Maeda's son Nakamoto Kisato (Seto) who is trying to investigate his father's death and finds out something surprising from him which leads them to join forces to uncover the truth.

Watabe will be playing Kisato's father Maeda Kousuke while Koke Eiko will be playing Ueda Atsumi who used to be Shizuri's rival when the latter was still a police detective. Shizuri's former boss Mitsuishi Hiroki will be played by Ishimaru Kanji and Kaname Jun will play a reporter Nishihara Eiichi who tries to get close to Shizuri and Kisato. Maeda's wife Eri will be played by Takaoka Saki while Oosugi will be the president of a company who meets Shizuri as she tries to investigate the case. Tanaka Min will be playing a mysterious old man in the drama.

Sources: / Oricon

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