Sunday, March 12, 2017

Supporting cast line-up for FujiTV Spring 2017 drama "Sakurako-san no ashimoto ni wa shitai ga umatteiru" announced

The supporting cast line-up for FujiTV Spring 2017 drama "Sakurako-san no ashimoto ni wa shitai ga umatteiru" has been announced. The drama begins its run from 23 April in the Sundays 9pm timeslot and features Mizuki Arisa in the leading role.

The drama is based on Ota Shiori's 2012 same-titled mystery novel submitted on novel submission website Every Star and won the Denshi Shoseki Taisho's mystery category before it was published as a book in February the following year. Mizuki plays Kujou Sakurako who is a rich man's daughter and works as an expert who reconstructs bone specimens. She works in her studio at home to reconstruct the specimens of animals as requested by museums. When she was in university, she learnt forensic medicine from her uncle who is a forensic pathologist and professor. With her intelligence and observant powers, she helps to solve various difficult cases.

Kis-My-Ft2's Fujigaya Taisuke will play Kujo's buddy Tatewaki Shoutarou who works as an employee at the museum. Shoutarou is a gentle and serious guy but very timid. He gets sent to work with Sakurako who has totally different values from him so he is always surprised by her actions. Fujigaya commented that his character has a strong sense of justice and would try to help people in need although he's scared of a lot of things.

Other co-stars include Shinkawa Yua who plays Shoutarou's colleague Shikura Airi and potential love interest, Takashima Masahiro who plays Yamaji Teruhiko, a police detective and develops an interest in Sakurako after meeting her at the crime scene, Kamikawa Takaya who plays Isozaki Itsuki, the senior of Shoutarou and Airi.

Source: Oricon

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