Friday, April 14, 2017

Promotional event and production press conference of NTV Spring 2017 drama "Boku, Unmei no hito desu"

The promotional event and production press conference of NTV Spring 2017 drama "Boku, Unmei no hito desu" was held at Akagi Shrine on 10 April which was attended by cast members Kamenashi Kazuya, Yamashita Tomohisa and Kimura Fumino. The drama which begins its run from 15 April in the Saturdays 10pm timeslot, features Kamenashi as a company employee Masaki Makoto who goes all out to woo the women who he thinks of as his soulmate despite being rejected all the time. When he meets a practical OL (Kimura) named Kogetsu Haruko who doesn't believe in destiny, he confesses his love for her but to no avail because she wants to have a relationship which is safe and fail-proof. Just then, a mysterious man calling himself as God (Yamashita) appears and offers him advice on how to woo his soulmate.

Kamenashi who appeared in a suit for his salaryman character, commented that he felt embarrassed to be looked at by so many people but tried his best to greet the audience. With regard to his character, Kamenashi described him as a very honest and straightforward guy who keeps fumbling at love so he hopes to be able to show this pure side for the viewers to support him in his quest for love. Yamashita also thanked the audience for showing up despite the rainy weather and hopes that they would enjoy their time spent at this event. He revealed that he has known Kamenashi since they were in junior high so he will be able to react accordingly regardless of how Kamenashi acts in the drama. Upon hearing this, Kimura who plays the heroine, teased them for having a more intimate relationship than the lead couple in the drama. This led Kamenashi to comment that they had their bad days too when there was a time that they didn't speak to each other after a quarrel.

The theme song of the drama "Senakagoshi no Chance" will be sung by Kamenashi and Yamashita who will form the special unit Kame to Yamapi and the song will be released as a single on 17 May. The two of them last released the song "Seishun Amigo" together under the name of Shuuji to Akira in 2005 for the NTV drama "Nobuta wo Produce".

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