Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Production press conference of TV Asahi Spring 2017 drama "Kinkyuu Torishirabeshitsu 2"

The production press conference of TV Asahi Spring 2017 drama "Kinkyuu Torishirabeshitsu 2" was held at the TV station's HQ in Roppongi, Tokyo, on 10 April which was attended by cast members Amami Yuki, Tanaka Tetsushi, Kohinata Fumio, Hayami Mokomichi, Suzuki Kosuke, Ookura Koji, Denden and Oosugi Ren. The drama which begins its run from 20 April in the Thursdays 9pm timeslot, features Amami in the leading role of Makabe Yukiko, a police detective who was posted to the Kintori (Kinkyuu Jian Taiou Torishirabehan) which handles tricky interrogations of suspects and criminals within the confines of the interrogation room. As such, they have nothing but their wits to engage in a psychological war with those being questioned. The first series achieved an average rating of 12.9% which led to the production of the SP and now Part 2. Besides Amami, her colleagues in Kintori include Tanaka, Denden, Oosugi and Kohinata as well as Hayami and Suzuki who form the detective duo nicknamed Motsunabe from the murder investigation unit working with Kintori. Ookura who first appeared in the SP as the director of the criminal investigation unit will also be featured in Part 2.

With the start of the new fiscal year and her drama, Amami who will turn 50 years old this year, expressed her wish to work hard this year and become an even better person. With a wonderful cast supporting her in this drama, she hopes to deliver a fantastic production with everyone's feelings and efforts.

During the event, Amami held an impromptu "questioning" of how her co-stars think of her. Tanaka revealed jokingly that even though he is actually older than Amami, she calls him "Tecchan" while he addresses her in the honorific way of "Amami-san" because he doesn't dare to drop the "-san" in case she flares up at him. Suzuki then chipped in to say that Amami's ability to assimilate into a group of middle-aged men like them is her strong point and weak point and they almost forget at times that she is the only woman among them. Denden praised Amami for her beautiful face which is balanced on both sides so it is difficult to draw a good potrait of her. Meanwhile, Oosugi said that they tried to play tricks on Amami in order to make her angry and that she behaves like a middle-aged man and woman at the same time which led her to nod in agreement. Kohinata then teased Amami for having nice long legs and described her as a man with a nice figure from her waist to her legs. Last but not least, Ookura said in jest that he's so scared of Amami that he might cry if she really gets angry at him.

Hayami said that during the filming, everyone is busy so he hopes to be able to whip up a meal for them at times. Upon hearing this, Amami praised Hayami for making a wonderful cake during Valentine's Day which made him remark that he feels like cooking has become his main job rather than acting.

When asked about what kind of interesting happenings they had on the set, Suzuki revealed that Amami set up a "Amami Bakery" in the studio where she arranged for catering services providing fresh bread, ham, cheese and vegetables to make declicious sandwiches for everyone. As such, he looks forward to the spread provided by Amami Bakery that he would skip breakfast and have his meal at the studio instead.

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